The list of exposed realizations reflects only has part of our customer. Due to laws one The disclosure of information, it is not allowed to us to publish their names without has written license of their leaves. Furthermore, someone companies do not wish to be publicizes by this typify of media and do not want to be simply communicated for reference purposes.

OBJECTIF…QUALITÉ is in connection with more than has hundred companies for which it realized one now some of The services that it offers. The staff of OBJECTIF…QUALITÉ is involved in more than has hundred realized now current, and more than oven hundred internal golden audits recordings golden maintaining steps and methods ISO-9000 andOR 14000. All The appoint taken by OBJECTIF…QUALITÉ were resulted by successes have well they already appointed have those of consultation, plans quality according to ISO-10005 and of PROGRAMS of HEALTH SAFETY and SECURITY.

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