ISO-10005 is a Quality plan model for a company specific project whether the company has a Quality management system or not. This standardised method links the generic elements to the specific requirements of a product, a project or a contract. Furthermore, it allows production of a Quality plan offering clients an excellent description of the activities carried out.

The 4 advantages of applying the ISO-10005 Standard


1. ISO-10005 presents to the entrepreneurs a better project management method.
2. ISO-10005 shows seriousness and activity control in the eyes of your clients.
3. ISO-10005 allows time optimization to this same project.
4. ISO-10005 requires an explanation, through a process and/or a reference document for all plan and specification questions.

The 11 Quality plan advantages designed under this standard:

  1. Adapted and applied management
  2. Quick and easy consultation
  3. No more grey areas
  4. Improved communications
  5. Document adequacy
  6. Clarified participant interrelation within a defined frame
  7. Clarified role of every production, inspection, supervision, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment participant.
  8. Implementation of the realization processes including hold points.
  9. Implementation of a work timetable including control points.
  10. Control definition and nature of the recordings used.
  11. Complete management documentation.

In brief, a Quality plan in conformance with the ISO-10005 Standard defines and describes what there is to do, how it will be done. It is logically sequence, and it does what and how will the activities be controlled, corrected and documented.

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Extract from the International Standard ISO-10005, Quality management. General guidelines for Quality plans, first edition, 1995/09/15.

This International Standard was prepared to address the need for guidance on quality plans, either in the context of an established quality management system or as an independent management activity. In either case, quality plans provide a means of relating specific requirements of the process, product, project or contract to work methods and practices that support product realization. The quality plan should be compatible with other associated plans that may be prepared.
Among the benefits of establishing a quality plan are the increased confidence that requirements will be met, greater assurance that processes are in control and the motivation it can give to those involved. It may also give insight into opportunities for improvement.
This International Standard does not replace the guidance given in ISO 9004 or in industry-specific documents. Where quality plans are required for project applications, the guidance provided in this International Standard is intended to be complementary to the guidance provided in ISO 10006.
In terms of the process model shown in Figure 1, quality management system planning applies to the whole model. Quality plans, however, apply primarily to the path from customer requirements, through product realization and product, to customer satisfaction.

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