Construction Site Supervision

Construction Site Supervision

Quality management and monitoring of the work team

OBJECTIF QUALITÉ offers professional services for on-site inspection and guidance of your Quality management system. We assisted you with a Quality management system in conformance with the requirements of the certified ISO-9001:2015 International.

Our 4 on-site surveillance advantages

1- Better interest and need assessment by offering decision-makers the possibility of understanding, from the start, the values, concerns, interests and expectations without taking position. For this reason, authorities will avoid unnecessary deviation and money spending in the defense of projects.
2- Bring out new information to find new solutions that otherwise might not have been considered.
3- Help value and raise awareness about Quality management with the employees, because we are Quality professionals.
4- Spare resources by driving towards a project implementation and collaborative solutions. Working with us, constitute a profitable investment, avoiding inappropriate decision making because of our outside perspective on work surveillance.

Our task usually consists of Quality monitoring of the inspections completed by your on-site Quality managers.  We also monitor the project’s internal activities.

Our 6 step approach:

1- Obtain access to contract documents.

2- Identify and establish hold points.

3- Identify and establish control points.

4- Develop procedures and specific methods for the project.

5- Prepare your staff for the on-site project.

6- Ensure the continuation of the existing Quality management system.

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