About us


OBJECTIF QUALITÉ is and enterprise with a group of persons who have worked in various fields of activities and who have a solid experience in quality management. Its personnel must have the adequate education and training e.g. college degree in quality management, university certificate in management and quality assurance or an equivalent experience (from 3 to 5 years) in quality assurance to achieve mandates of :

Implementation of ISO-9001:2015 and ISO-14000:2016
ISO-10005 quality plans;
Health and safety program on construction work fields.

Its personal industrial and commercial expertise makes that they can help customers in their approach of a certification to a quality assurance standard of the three (3) above items.

This quality manual applies to all activities of the enterprise.

Flat ready quality system implementation approach or coaching;
Set-up of documentation : quality manual, procedures manual, forms, ISO-10005 quality plan, health and safety project administration planning ;
Setting-up of quality internal audits;
Setting-up of training activities from normative elements ;
Consultation : evaluation of the documentation, evaluation of the efficiency, normative and technical advices development of specific tools and/or documents adapted to organizational restraints of the customer.

OBJECTIF QUALITÉ, as a result of its management and personal involvement is indeed determined to provide to its customers services of documentation and a high level of expertise. Our involvement in this matter aims to satisfy our customers expectations through all services offer by OBJECTIF QUALITÉ.

The respect of the organizational structure of the enterprise is an essential priority with regard to the implementation of a quality system. The enterprise shall not work with a pre-established quality system, but rather, adapt the quality system to its realities.